Earth System Maintenance and Upgrade

Poor maintenance can result in increased Rise of Earth Potential and hazardous differences in potential between different parts of an earthing system. Worker and third party risk assessments can become invalid if proper maintenance is not carried out. Electrical system performance may also be affected by an inadequate earthing system.

ERM can undertake most maintenance associated with earthing systems e.g. re-making joints and refurbishing links. Where major maintenance is required e.g. extensive replacement of buried earth electrode, ERM can provide detailed specifications for the required works and then monitor works and provide commissioning tests.

Testing can also be made more safe and efficient by upgrade of test facilities to be compatible with modern test equipment. ERM can upgrade the test facilities on your earthing or lightning protection system as required.

Click here for our document on Earth Pit Modifications.

ERM can strip down and reconfigure test pits to make them compatible with modern fast-test methods. This conversion hugely reduces the time needed to test the earthing or lightning protection system whilst yielding large improvements in operator safety.

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