Impressed Voltage and Pipeline Interference Studies

Impressed voltage can often occur when HV & LV services, communication and data cables share the same service corridors, trenches or tunnels. Significant induced voltages and currents may be induced into the “victim” cable resulting in safety or mal-operation issues. Victim service operators may require reassurance that the parallelism will not cause hazardous conditions for their operatives or cause malfunction of their assets. Where induced currents and voltages exceed stated levels, a mitigation design is required.

ERM has the capability to carry out simulations of complex service corridors, including transmission lines and underground circuits, telecommunications cables, fences or any other structures.

ERM uses the world-renowned CDEGS software to calculate both inductive and conductive voltage transfers and determine whether any safety hazards or interference issues are likely. Field tests can also be undertaken to gain the necessary input data for this type of study.

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